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Yes CBD oil is has been very effective for me. However the oil must have some THC to trigger the CBD. My daughter is a scientist. It’s quite amazing that this one product can cover and help so many issues. I was on very serious medications for 18 years. I went off all of it and switched to THC products and I’ve had alot of manageable success. Since I’m already exhausted I use Sativa products for daytime and Indica for sleeping. The more Satvia I use the better I feel. I’m on this severe end of this disease and weed products have been life changing. Anything to keep me away from traditional doctors. If the product is CBD alone not the right product must have even a small amount of THC to work. Israel has been using weed for 60 years for everything. Read their studies on brain inflammatory disease and other uses. Very good information. Good luck.


Hi Lisa

I’m really glad to hear this has helped you. I was hoping you would be able to explain to me what it is you have used? I really don’t understand the difference between cannabis / weed / cannabis oil / the cannabis product you can buy from Holland and Barrett.

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I am really struggling to manage my symptoms. The worst thing at the moment is the fatigue. I will try anything and I’m really interested in how cannabis can help.

Would you be kind enough to explain to me what it is you use and where you get it from?

Also, are there any negative side effects of this?

Thanks in advance



hi there the oil thing can be very confusing. l live in Minnesota and they have a very good medical marijuana program. First off there are two types of CBD oil one with THC one without. The CBD oil without THC is from Hemp seed plant. Hemp seed has a very minimal medicinal product. not much at all . CBD oil with THC is from the actual flowering marijuana plant. That’s what you need. The other hemp without THC is a waste of money.


Reference: https://patient.info/forums/discuss/cbd-oil-and-cfs-advice-648776

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