Hemp Flower – Gorilla Glue – 3.5gr – CBD < 8 - 14% >



All CBD buds in order to conform to COMMON CATALOG OF THE VARIETIES OF SPECIES OF AGRICULTURAL PLANTS (2015 / C404/01) undergo a process called denebulisation. The plant material reacts to this process by exuding carbons to the exterior of the flower, This turns the flowers darker than they would normally be but does NOT effect the quality of the product in any way and is of course completely safe. Mr Ohm prides itself on providing the very best quality of flowers within the legal parameters set in any given time.

Do not separate the contents from the package. Keep out of reach of minors. Not suitable for combustion. Not suitable for food purposes. Technical and collectible product. A non-medical or therapeutic product, it is not a substitute for tobacco. The company assumes no responsibility for the contents of the package once the warranty seal has been opened.


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